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IFA: Not everything’s pink at the Telekom

“Unions are for everyone, at T-Mobile USA as well („Gewerkschaft ist für alle da – auch bei T-Mobile USA“) and „Hey, T-Mobile USA, don’t take workers rights (...)

Connecticut Techs Sign Collective Bargaining Agreement with T-Mobile

On Saturday, July 28, 2012, the Communications Workers of America and CWA Local 1298 reached agreement with T-Mobile USA on a contract for technicians (...)

U.S. Department of Labor Confirms that T-Mobile Offshores Work

On July 17, CWA issued the press release below. Additional press coverage can be found at the end.

True Solidarity - ver.di assists with organizing

It is hot in Nashville! The temperature approaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air is heavy. Organizers cover the three entrances to the call (...)

Deutsche Telekom Announces New Corporate Responsibility Report

On Wednesday May 30, Deutsche Telekom announced the release of its Corporate Responsibility Report.