Action by employees at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA on International Women’s Day

15. März 2013: They are working for the same corporation, though on different continents. Employees at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA organized joint action on March 8 to commemorate the International Women’s Day.

The joint action also served to highlight the company’s very different attitude towards its employees in both countries. While the Deutsche Telekom negotiates collective agreements with trade unions and works councilors can make use of their statutory co-determination rights, there are no collective agreements at T-Mobile USA (with the exception of one unit with 16 workers) and neither is there a form of co-determination. In order for this to change workforces on both sides of the Atlantic cooperate with joint actions and keep each other informed about the developments. Just as they cooperated on this March 8 when in both Germany and the US leaflets and roses were handed out to women.

March 8 has been denominated International Women’s Day since 1910. It commemorates women’s struggle for equality and emancipation. Trade unions have always played an important role in the struggle for the emancipation of women and thus it has become tradition that trade unions in all parts of the world organize actions and events to disseminate the message.