Activist campaign against Deutsche Telekom at soccer game

7. November 2012: Even the pouring rain in Hamburg on Saturday could not stop 15 ver.di activists from coming out in support of T-Mobile workers. Standing in front of the stadium where Bayern München - the most successful soccer club in Germany - played against Hamburg’s HSV, they drew the attention of the fans of both clubs to the workers’ rights violations at T-Mobile USA.

The activists distributed flyers about T-Mobile’s anti-union behavior and collected signatures for the „We Expect Better“ campaign’s petition.

They chose this particular time and venue because T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, is the main sponsor of Bayern München. In fact, the club’s players wear the branded „T“ on their jerseys, and the company’s logo is omnipresent in and around the stadiums where they play.

Sport symbolises social responsibility, fair-play, and respect. Deutsche Telekom wants to use this positive image to polish their brand name through their sponsorship of Bayern Munchen.

But in the US, its subsidiary is far from socially responsible, fair, or respectful. T-Mobile continues to deny employees a voice at work.