CWA in solidarity with Deutsche Telekom Strike Actions in Germany

20. April 2012: CWA members and workers from T-Mobile USA showed their solidarity with striking workers at Deutsche Telekom in Germany. Across the United States – from Berkeley, California to New York City, from Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas, Texas – T-Mobile workers and CWA activists gathered in front of T-Mobile stores holding signs reading “Solidarity with ver.di” and “Good work – fair salaries.” The actions were concrete testimony to the deep bonds of cooperation between CWA and the German union ver.di.

CWA President Larry Cohen sent a message to strike leaders in Germany who then read the message to Deutsche Telekom strikers – both on the picket lines and in meetings. “Today we stand by side and pledge to you our solidarity,” said Larry Cohen, president of CWA, in his solidarity message. “In the United States, CWA is inspired by your strength and your resolve in your strike with Deutsche Telekom. Your actions demonstrate the power of concerted action by thousands of employees. It is a very clear and straightforward message to management.”

In an ongoing dispute, ver.di members are asking for a significant pay raise. Earlier this week thousands of workers went on strike to pressure the company. Frank Bethke, ver.di leader from the state of North Rhine Westphalia, stated, “A company that, year in and year out, gives 3.4 Billion Euros to its shareholders, must be able to find 500 million Euros for those people who have generated those billions.

Download: Solidarity message of Larry Cohen (Flyer in German)