Deutsche Telekom workers’ meeting showing solidarity with T-Mobile USA workers

13. März 2013: Deutsche Telekom workers raised postcards and wore campaign T-shirts in an effort to show their solidarity with T-Mobile USA workers in their struggle for their organizing rights.

The several hundred workers had convened upon a call by their officially elected works council representatives of a subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom. It is their statutory right to hold regular meetings to discuss workers’ and works council issues and have works councilors and management representatives respond to their questions.

The several hundred workers followed closely the speech given by a Verdi representative who had visited the US in 2012 and who spoke about his many encounters with T-Mobile workers during his trip. The lack of a union that could defend workers as well as the many injustices T-Mobile workers suffered from deeply moved their German fellow colleagues working in the same corporation.

In a show of solidarity they stood up and congregated on the floor showing the petition postcards many of them signed. Joint actions of this kind help establish firm relations between workers on different continents united in the effort to struggle for the right of unionization on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.