T-Mobile prominent example for indecent work at DGB conference

8. Oktober 2012: October 7 has become an important date for unions all over the world, fighting for decent work and against trade union rights violations. At this year’s DGB conference on the occasion of “World Decent Work Day”, gathering more than 200 participants in Berlin, T-Mobile was featuring prominently as an example of a German company denying its workers abroad, particularly in the US, essential trade union rights.

DGB president Michael Sommer criticized T-Mobiles mother company, Deutsche Telekom, strongly for their neglect of social partnership and trade union rights in the US. In the panel on trade union rights, the “WeExpectBetter” campaign was presented as an outstanding example of transnational cooperation and solidarity.

Participants of the conference were shocked by the examples of union avoidance and employee bullying and voiced their expectation that trade unions fight back against attacks on union and social rights in a coordinated way at at company, national and international level.