Billboard “We Expect Better” in Richmond, Virginia

20 February 2011: CWA Local 2201 is on board with the new billboard that went up this week in Richmond, Virginia. “We Expect Better” will be appearing across the country — on billboards, mobile billboards, bus stop signs.

The goal of this advertising campaign is to put the question directly to the company: can this German company end the double standard? Will the company stop treating American workers as second class? T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom does not interfere with workers’ rights in Germany. Why the opposite behavior in the U.S.? Will T-Mobile stop the employee intimidation over freedom of association? Will the company admit that the decision to form a union belongs to the workers themselves? Management opposition in just the last weeks has been evident. Recently at another site, supervisors demanded that employees hand over leaflets they received on the public thoroughfare. Also, at still another site, managers threw away TU cards that had been left on a table in the employees’ lounge.

We expect better behavior than this. This is a company that has a social charter that promises to abide by International Labor Organization standards on freedom of association and collective bargaining. Active employer opposition in the workplace to organizing violates ILO standards. When will the company fire its outside counsel Peter Conrad, Proskauer Rose, who brags about his expertise in union avoidance? When will the company stop harrassing employees who express an interest in the union? What does the company fear?

It is not a stretch to compare T-Mobile management to the decrepit regimes in the Middle East - Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya. Yes, T-Mobile opposes freedom of association without violence, but its opposition to freedom is clear. When will the intimidation stop?

“We Expect Better” advertising will appear near T-Mobile call centers nation in Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

If you drive by one of our billboards, snap a photo of yourself in front of it. Show your support for a union of T-Mobile workers.